Sunday, September 21, 2008

Here's whats up...

Hey everyone, just wanted to give all of you a little update on the "Chickenfoot" project. First of all you can all rest assured that our name will not be Chickenfoot, but I guess we have to call it something for now!! I just got back last Wed. from a week and a half of recording with Sam, Joe, and Chad, and all I can say is....F___K, the shit is ROCKIN!!!! Andy Johns is in the studio with us, and it's sounding BIG!!! I know Sammy got bashed a bit for supposedly comparing this to Zep in the press..( I'm sure if he made any references,it's just because of how excited we all are about how it is coming along. You all know Sammy!! This definitely has the energy of an early Zep or VH for that matter...) NOBODY will be dissappointed!! We have nine basic tracks recorded, and after Sammy and Joe finish up some touring commitments we will be back in the studio to finish this up!!
Be patient, I'll update again soon. We can't wait to get this thing out, so we can bash it up HARD with all of you!!!! Michael