Tuesday, September 19, 2006

One More Gallery!!!

Ok kids,as I promised, here is one more gallery of shots from the "Livin'it Up" summer tour!! Go to my website to check it out. Thanks once again to our fans, and also a "BIG THANK-YOU" to our crew!!! You guys all helped make this a great summer...I almost forgot,THE CABO BIRTHDAY BASH!!! I definitely will be there...will you?? .....Michael


Blogger WaboratzX2 said...

Oh YES we will be there!!!
We couldn't imagine the Birthday Bash without ya! Last year was our first time "going to Cabo in the Fall". The show on October 9th, you and Sammy played lots of VH, it was flippin' amazing!!!
My husband and I couldn't walk or talk for days after from all the jumping up and down, singing and screaming!!!
I don't know how you guys do it! :)
Thanks for all the photos you've posted from the tour..What awesome reminders of the great days and nights of LIVINITUP!!!
Dan and Karen Luhmann
Bakersfield, Ca

3:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great pix - thanks for sharing! Just 'cuz the tour is over, don't be a stranger!

10:41 AM  
Blogger Deja Vu said...

Great pictures. Had a great Time front row at PNC in New Jersey 6/30. Thanks for signing my Balance Album Cover. The first time you signed it the pen didnt work, but my wife walked up to you on stage and you signed it again. You made our night. Thanks!! The OTHER HALF rocked the house. We will be front row at Gibson 10/20, in L.A. Hope your gonna be there. Maybe you can talk Sammy into playin Deja Vu (take me back)or at least somethin from Balance. The Last time I heard you guys do a song from Balance was AMSTERDAM at Cinco de Cabo(Los Tres Cusmanos) at the Borgata in N.J. 2005. FOLK YA
Deja Vu

9:32 PM  
Blogger mauimom said...

Thanks for always putting on such a great show.Saw you in Tahoe in May and in August.I sent a shirt backstage with Aaron from where I work in Maui.Your daughter said you are coming to Maui in Nov.we gave her our card so we can take you all parasailing If you would like to go.Aaron knows how to get a hold of me if we can help enhance your Maui Vacation.Aloha,and thanks again for always making the shows just that much more fun!!!!!

2:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was there on July 7th in Buffalo for the show at Six Flags Darien Lake. I had driven all the way from Gatineau, Qc - six hours - to see Michael and Sammy. I've always been a great VH fan and I also dig the solo Hagar stuff and Michael has always been my favourite band member. I had some apprehensions because I had seen VH in Montreal in 2004 and there was some problems to be honest. But oh my GOD! The show in Buffalo was unbelivable! Sammy was very generous giving almost three hours of music and Michael was amazing with his bass solo leading the way to Runnin with the Devil with him doing lead vocals. I also totally loved the bass line for Right Now which is very different from the album (the bass outro especially was awesome)... That made me think: why this Michael guy is not coming up with a solo album or at least some songs to be released online? Nothing to burn the charts, just a fun solo thing to be sold through cdbaby.com or something like that... (By the way, the other musicians were equally good: Vic, Mona and David...)

Keep up the good music and see you soon on tour again, I hope!

Gatineau, Qc

10:20 PM  

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