Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Being ill SUCKS!!

Sammy and I were very dissapointed that we had to cancel the show at the Soboba casino. Sammy was quite ill, and as our fans all know, he would never get up on stage ill, knowing he could not give our fans 110%, so we felt the right thing to do was cancel. It always sucks to have to cancel a show because of illness, but unfortunately it sometimes happens. We truely apologize to everyone, and hopefully something can be made up for it in the future....Michael


Blogger Chaz said...

Totally cool I found your blog! Miss the old days but glad to see yer actually still kicking


6:18 PM  
Blogger Brian Norwood said...

Yeah. Happy Birthday to me! It was my birthday gift to go see you guys at Soboba. Hopefully you can reschedule on a night that I can make it.

No worries, I been a fan for most of my life, I guess I can wait a while longer. Hope you all feel better.

7:59 PM  
Anonymous Marcia said...

Yes, being sick does suck, Michael!
Hopefully Sammy is feeling better & no one else catches it. Enjoy the rest of your summer!


12:15 PM  
Anonymous bob evans said...

Both tour busses were there at 7:oo am, as well as the three semis....I wish sam well but, come on, we drove 5 hours to see this show, I would have settled for a show anyway......I do my job when sick and so do several other great bands and tours that I have seen over the years.....Has sam heard of a drug store.....he should have laid off the cabo wabo in tahoe and maybe we would have got to see the show.....Disapointed and pissed in northern california......I am sick and can not play, wa, wa, wa, ,I am special, I am sammy hagar, wa,wa,wa, Michael there was surely more to this show not happening than illness, perhaps indian money? Unless sam was seriouly ill or there was a serious illness in the family this was no reason to cancell....we deserve better than this, give us the real full story, please..........

8:25 AM  
Blogger WaboratzX2 said...

For us, there is NO apology necessary!! We were not planning to attend the Soboba show, but we were ticket holders for both shows in Las Vegas. You all poured your hearts and souls into each and every show of a huge LIVINITUP tour..If only one show was cancelled due to weather, and one show cancelled due to illness, out of 55 shows, LORD have mercy, we are really fortunate fans..
Bakersfield Loves Ya Always!!!
Dan and Karen Luhmann
Bakersfield, Ca

3:16 PM  
Blogger CJDavidson said...

wa, wa, wa... my life sucks.. But seriously: everytime--and I do mean everytime--I start feeling sorry for myself, I say to myself, "Jason Becker."

It never fails.. That young man had it all in front of him (and around him, no doubt), then WHAM!!

He is my spritual hero..

As Tommy Lee loves to say, a alot, "It's all good!"

12:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Been a fan since "1984" and glad to see that you and Sammy are still doin' the damn thing!

If you ask me, YOU TWO are the heart and sould of what VH used to be and you and the fans love you guys! STAY RED!

11:23 AM  

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